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Donna Karan Cashmere Aura

Cashmere Aura by Donna Karan is the essence of feminity. This energetic fragrance projects the sense of seductive confidence. Cashmere Aura is alluringly subtle and irresistably unique.
You can purchase a 10 (ten) pack of these beautifully carded 0.5 fl.oz. Eua de Parfum spray sample vials here at Red Lipstick Perfumes for only $19.97, with free first-class shipping and tracking number.
Top notes of sparkling aldehydes. These higher notes bring to mind crisp rose mornings and citrus. Middle notes are Cassie Absolute. Cassie Absolute is extract from Acacia farnesiana blossoms, which delivers a rich honey-floral aroma. The base notes of this enticing fragrance are of Cashmeran, giving Cashmere Aura its name. Cashmeran is not a natural extract, such as is the aldehydes, rather is produced in the lab. Very popular for its warm, soft scent.
cashmere aura by Donna Karan

Cashmere Aura 0.05 fl. oz. spray vial samples.

Cashmere Aura by Donna Karan is an excellent Eau de Parfum. Full-sized bottles often cost as much as $60, or more, at high-end retailers. The 10 (ten) pack for this price is an opportunity to try it out, give a sample to friends, or take with you while traveling.
Quickly get your perfume collection in top shape with this incredible bargain for a 10 (ten) pack of 0.05 fl.oz. spray sample vials for only $19.97. Stock quantaties vary, but are restocked in a timely manner. This package will be delivered to your door, with free first-class shipping. The included tracking number ensures that you can keep abreast of the delivery progress. Red Lipstick Perfumes loves to combine orders! These are NEW, never used, spray sample vials. The owner of Red Lipstick Perfumes has been selling high quality fragrances on eBay since 2005, and has a passion for customer satisfaction. She is an honest and reliable seller and will go the extra mile to make you happy.
cashmere aura open card sample by Donna Karan

cashmere aura

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